Batéria Redox LiPo 1300mAh 7,4V 20C

Konektor: Dean  + ,,balancer plug,,
Váha: 73g
Rozmer: 103 x 30 x 7 mm
Výrobca: Redox

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Je dôležité aby ste vedeli, že LiPo baterky nesmiete vybiť pod hranicu 3V na článok a zároveň neprebiť nad 4,2V na článok.

Nepoužívanú LiPo baterku by ste mali mať nabitú na približne 70% aby ste predišli zbytočnému riziku poškodenia baterky.

Rožísrený anglický popis:


The Redox company’s Lithium-Polymer battery packs are characterized by a good weight to dimension ratio and a very long lifespan without losing any energy efficiency. 


The lithium-ion-polymer (LiPo) battery packs are the successors of the known lithium-ion (LiIon) battery packs. The basic advantage of the LiPo batteries is undoubtedly the capacity to dimensions ratio. They are very small sized while simultaneously being very energy efficient, what allows to chose a proper battery pack for practically every AEG replica. It does not have the memory effect.  The batteries can be loaded very often without being discharged before. A frequent charging is very beneficial for this kind of batteries.

You need to remember not to discharge the LiPo battery under the level of 3V per cell and no to overcharge it above 4,2V per cell. Another advantage of the LiPo battery pack is a small percent of self discharge.  A not used battery pack will lose only 3 % to 5 % of its energy. You need to check on the battery pack because if you store the battery pack for a long period of time the battery pack may discharge  under the minimum value ( 3V per cell ) and, therefore, lead to irreversible chemical reactions which may cause a worsen the features of the battery pack including its permanent damage and, in extreme cases, self-ignition. A not used LiPo battery pack should be charged in about 70 %.


While using the LiPo battery packs properly its lifespan should be about 500 to 700 cycles.  The operating temperature of the LiPo battery packs is very vital. In contrary to the ordinary battery packs, the LiPo cell handle quite well in low temperatures. Nevertheless, they should be charged in room temperature. In order to keep the LiPo battery packs in good shape you should balance them during the charging process with the use of a service plug that most of the LiPo battery packs are equipped with ( a good LiPo charger has got a inbuilt balancer ).


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