Materiál: Cordura
Farba: piesková
Rozmery: 280 x 200 x 40 mm
Váha: 430g
Výrobca: Condor

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Anglický rožšírený popis:

T&T multifunctional pouch

A nylon made multifunctional pouch made in the olive color by the Condor company. It is equipped with a big single compartment that is equipped with a number of smaller organizational compartments, dividers and attachments including the ones mentioned under:


  • A big, single compartment secured by a zipper,
  • A single open compartment,
  • 8 elastic attachment bands that are 50mm wide each,
  • 1 elastic attachment band that is 100mm wide,
  • 16 elastic attachment bands that are 25mm wide ( they can be also used as mounting points for equipment meeting the MOLLE system standard ),
  • 8 elastic attachment bands that are 15mm – 20mm wide each,
  • A soft Velcro allowing to attach a waterproof map pouch that is included in the set,


The utility pouch meets the MOLLE system standards and is exteriorly equipped with three rows of PALS straps ( 6 attachment points each ). Two of them are also equipped with soft Velcro. It is possible to attach the multifunctional pouch to the waist or to hand it on a strap, yet it is best to attach it to your tactical vest on the height of your chest – thanks to this and the paracord which length is adjustable and that it is attached to the corners of the pouch, after opening the pouch we get comfortable access to the whole content of he pouch.


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